MassTLC CTO & VP of Engineering Peer Sessions: Managing Legacy Software

Monotype Imaging Inc.
600 Unicorn Park Dr,
Woburn, MA 01801
Thursday, March 2, 2017 (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)
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While every company wants to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, many were built on a once rock-solid foundation of a particular product that customers still love, or millions of lines of code that would take years to unwind and make retrofit to the cloud.


These are cash-cows for the company and black holes for your dev teams because no one wants to touch them for fear of breaking them and the folks that wrote them have repressed all the memories of the sprints long ago.


Where does the maintenance of these fall in your organization? How do you keep them running when the people that engineered it have all moved on and catastrophe hits? When, how, and why did your company move away from that product/platform/language. Can you ever sun-set these?


Monotype is best known for fonts. They’re what makes our logos look good. After they’d (literally) designed a solid set of goods, but needed to diversify, and over the years they’ve grown from a simple licensed product to developing, embedded software for e-readers, sport bands, mapping software etc, ecommerce platform, and brand engagement platform via user Generated Content or (UGC) and branded emoji’s.


VP of Engineering at Paiman Nodoushani will be hosting and leading the discussion about what it takes to manage their systems developed over the last 100 years in an organization with offices across the globe.


About Our Host: 

Paiman is a high tech technology executive with 20+ years experience in engineering management, product management & customer engagement.

 He’s led various roles at the intersection of SaaS/Cloud, Web Services & Networking at Cisco, Avaya, Continuum, Layer3 TV, and is a former member of the MassTLC Board of Trustees.

 He’s one of our go-to resources when members are looking for advice or feedback on becoming a change/transformation agent within an organization, engineering management, product management, building new businesses, leading cross functional & complex programs, strategic thinking, and customer relations management

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