TRANSFORM November 17, 2017


This is a CXO only event. 

TRANSFORM is a who’s who get together exposing industry leaders, policy makers, and academia to the broadest, biggest ideas happening in the world around us today and its impact – both good and bad – on us as individuals, our companies, and our workforce. 

Throughout history there have been inflexion points. We are at one such point now. The rate of technological advances has improved how many of us live, learn, and work. And yet we are up against a lack of affordable housing and transportation, more underrepresented populations are being left on the sidelines, and we must work within the boundaries of an outdated regulatory process that inhibits innovation.

TRANSFORM will bring together the tech industry, along with academia, and policy makers embrace the new opportunities that technology is bringing in this time of global disruption.

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Check out some of the big thinkers who will be at TRANSFORM!

•Mohamad Ali, CEO, Carbonite
•Lynda Applegate, an American Economist & Harvard Business School Professor
•Kirk Arnold, CEO, Data Intensity
•Almudena Arcelus, Principal
•James Bessen, Executive Director, Technology & Policy Research Initiative, Boston University
•Jerry Bird, President, MassVentures
•Paul Blandini, Director of Business Operations, Autodesk
•Dana Borrelli-Murray, Executive Director, The Highlander Institute
•Marianne Budnik, Chief Marketing Officer, CyberArk
•Bobbie Carlton, Founder, Innovation Women
•Kirsten Chambers, Head of Trade and Investment,UK Department for International Trade
•Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain, Cisco
•Jim Daniell, Co-Founder, NetHope Center for the Digital Nonprofit
• David Delmar, Executive Director, Resilient Coders
•Dave Esposito, Digital Architect/Advisor, Office of the CTO, Microsoft
•Renee Foster, President, Curriculum Associates
•James Geshwiler, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Catalyze
•Michael Goodman.Professor of Public Policy, UMass Dartmouth
•Ed Harrison,SVP
•Juliette Kayyem, CEO, Zemcar
•Rania Khalaf, Director of AI, IBM Research
•Mike Kinkead, Board,Green Swan Enterprises
•Joy Kinnear, Vice Consul, Trade & Investment Officer, UK Department for International Trade
•Dave Krupinski, Co-Founder & CTO,
•Michelle Lampa, Vice Counsel, UKTI
•John Landry, Managing Director and Founder, Lead Dog Ventures
•Annmarie Levins, Fellow, Data & Society Research Institute
•Jack Little, CEO, The Mathworks,
•Matthew Littlewood, Partner, PwC
•Christopher Llop, Associate, Analysis Group Inc.
•Mindy Lubber, President & CEO, Ceres
•David Marron, Institute Fellow Director, Economic Policy Initiatives, the Urban Institute
•Ivan Matviak, Executive Vice President, State Street Corporation
•Bob McDonald, Vice President, Software Asset Management, IBM Software Group
•Elizabeth McGovern, Executive Director, WEEMA International
•Mark McInnis, Business Unit Executive, IBM
•Elizabeth Miller, Head of Mobile Engineering, Kronos Incorporated
•John Moavenzadeh, Head of Mobility, the World Economic Forum
•Zenobia Moochhala, Co-Founder, SVP & GM,
•Jeanne O’Keefe, CFO, The MathWorks
•Steve O'Leary, Managing Partner, Aeris Partners, LLC
•Nathan Pham, Regional Director, Government Affairs, Verizon Communications
•Bill Ren, CEO, G360Link
•Peter Rosenblum, Partner, Foley Hoag
•Tom Ryden Executive Director, MassRobotics
•Hakan Satiroglu, Co-Founder & Partner, LearnLaunch
•Chris Schoettle, Operations Consultant, Solera
•Robert Seaver, Founder & CEO, Mercer Road (Vivox)
•Deborah Theobald, CEO & Co-Founder, Vecna Technologies
•James Tracey, Headmaster, Rocky Hill School
•Bob Weiler, EVP, Global Business Units, Oracle
•Jeremy Wertheimer, Vice President, Engineering, Google
•Lauren Woodman, CEO, NetHope
•Julie Yoo, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Kyruus
•and many more.


Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 600 Atlantic Ave #100, Boston, MA, 02210, United States

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